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Your Vehicle’s Exterior is Under Constant Attack

It is a vicious and unrelenting attack by ravenous environmental contaminants, flying road debris, brake dust, and the paint-fading effects of the sun’s UV rays. It’s a brutal life for your shiny automotive paint.

Acidic bird droppings and crushed bug detritus eat through your clear coat leaving rough spots that professional car detailing calls etchings. Clear coat etching is a below surface contaminant. One hundred percent insoluble in water, bird droppings, if left on your paint for even a short amount of time, will eat through your clear down to the paint, resulting in detailer kryptonite … rust!

In a single drop of rainwater, you will find pollen, algae, insect parts, dirt, dust, and all kinds of chemicals that leave grayish water spots and streaks. Roadways throw up asphalt, rail dust, sand, pebbles, and every kind of grime. If you live or park near an industrial area or heavy foliage, add industrial fallout and pesticides to the goop! Even parking garages expose your paint to exhaust, dampness, and dust.

The problem is, hand car washing does not remove many of these elements.. They require a professional car detailing service like Auto Detailing HQ using innovative techniques and professional-grade products to remove these surface contaminants, which in many cases, have bonded to your exterior paint surface.

Always Hand Car Washed & Dried

The ultimate car wash begins with a lubricating foam soak and inch-by-inch the vehicle is hand-washed using professional car cleaning microfiber wash mitts and drying towels.This allows paint correction specialist, Michael Dowdy the opportunity to inspect your vehicle as we clean it. We clean the crevices around your trim and any emblems or graphics, and we get inside places like your door jambs, fuel door, and the lower bumpers and panels where road debris often sticks like glue.

During the hand car wash we will monitor any potential issues where your paint may be breaking down, or where oxidation is settling in to cloud your paint. After the detailing process we can make recommendations for keeping your paint healthy and head off any potential long-term problems.

Clay Bar Treatment

Clay bar removes contaminants from the surface of your vehicle’s paint. With the paint surface wet and clay-lubricated, the clay grabs anything protruding from the surface, removing it for good.

Auto Detailing HQ then continues to wash every inch of your vehicle with a lubricating ph shampoo, and hand dries it with compressed air and soft microfiber towels.
The result is a paint surface that is virtually “squeaky” clean!

We finish the job with a paint sealant that will protect it for several months; or any number of ceramic coatings that make it easier to keep clean and maintain for years, rather than weeks or months!

Contact Auto Detailing HQ to get a FREE paint assessment and estimate to detail your new or aging vehicle!

Clay Bar Treatment

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