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The Search for the Perfect Shine Ends with Ceramic Car Coatings

The environment is brutal on your vehicle’s exterior. Even if you park her in a covered garage or deck, she’s under persistent attack from exhaust fumes, flying debris, road rash, overspray, bugs, bird droppings, sweat, mold, mildew, and gardening chemicals, acid rain, and a thousand other paint-eating contaminants.

These often-unseen elements threaten the health and the shine of your car’s paint. Some of them like bird droppings are 100 percent insoluble in water, while many become embedded in the paint and can only be removed using clay bar and polish.

Since the founding of the automobile, car owners and enthusiasts have sought a means for protecting a vehicle from environmental wear and tear that dulls the car’s paint and its shine.

Waxes and sealants have done a respectable job over the years but with a longevity of only weeks and months, chemists and product developers never gave up. It’s a good thing they didn’t! Ceramic car coatings are everything the car industry asked them to be and more.

Within the first year of development, several companies such as Ceramic Pro and Gtechniq launched their line of “permanent” coatings that were both high-end and high-dollar 9h ceramic coatings.

All paint protection coatings have hydrophobic characteristics that repel dirt and water, causing it to bead-up on the surface to be whisked away without leaving streaks and water spots. They all provide a protective layer so there is less need for washing and no need at all for waxing and polishing. The coating leaves a squeaky clean, crystal clear high gloss surface that is easy to maintain.

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Is ceramic coating for cars worth it?

There are now many options available in the application of ceramic coatings, however, it is strongly recommended that you use only an authorized and/or certified installer for whatever coating product you choose.

In addition to permanent coatings that offer nine years of paint protection, there are now several high quality but lower-priced semi-permanent coatings on the market that have the same capabilities as the higher endurance, longer-lasting coatings. Semi-permanent coatings last from 18 months to 3 years, depending on the application.

There are also some effective spray-on coatings that are moderately priced and will last 9 months to a year, with ongoing maintenance. Many of them are much easier to apply than the original permanent coatings.

How Do Ceramic Coatings Work?

Developed from nanoparticle technology coming out of the aerospace and aviation industries who are always looking for ways to save on fuel costs and to improve aerodynamics, ceramic coatings chemically bond to the invisible clear coat applied on top of your car’s paint, so that it cannot be wiped or worn off.

Because you do not want any flaws in the paint to show through the coating, including uneven paint that can cause distortions in some lighting, scratches, holograms or oxidation – most detailers will not apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle until you have had a complete exterior detail with clay bar to remove all signs of contaminants or conditions that cause imperfections in the paint.

Once the ceramic paint coating is applied, everything underneath it is sealed in and cannot be removed except through an abrasive paint correction and sanding process, making it important the car or truck’s surface be prepared properly, and all paint flaws and scratches removed before application.

Auto Detailing HQ carries several nano ceramic coatings products including Renny Doyle’s Double Black Inspiration. For more information about protecting your cars paint or for ceramic coating costs, contact us today!

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Most frequent questions and answers

Ceramic coating provides glossy, low-maintenance protection for your vehicle’s paint. Also called Nano-Ceramic Coating, it is a liquid polymer that creates a shield between your car’s paint and the environment. The coating is applied by hand and bonds with the factory paint job to create an extra layer of paint protection.  Popular brands include C. Quartz, Ceramic Pro, and Opti-Coat Pro.

Applying a layer of ceramic coating protects your paint by creating a sacrificial barrier similar to the clear coat. This sacrificial layer provides the best protection for your car’s paint without the need for frequent application like wax or paint sealants.

Applying a ceramic paint coating for cars makes cleaning easier.  It repels water (is hydrophobic) which makes it more difficult for mud, dirt, and grime to stick to the car.  Any dirt that does manage to stick is easier to remove. The barrier of the coated surface also helps to prevent swirl marks and marring that occur during washing.

Ceramic car coating also makes your car’s factory paint shine with a higher gloss.  A quality product will make the paint surface more reflective giving it greater color depth and clarity. 

Automotive ceramic coating has more than just cosmetic benefits.  It protects the car’s paint from sun exposure (ultraviolet rays). This, in turn, prevents your paint from fading (oxidizing).  It also provides protection from corroding chemicals such as bird droppings. These should be cleaned as soon as possible, but the product does help prevent immediate damage to your paint.

Ceramic coating is not permanent.  It is not the same as a paint protection film, a permanent comprehensive treatment.  While paint protection film needs maintenance it does not require reapplication.

Ceramic coatings are scratch-resistant, NOT scratch proof.  It will help prevent some scratches from reaching your paint; however, no coating can prevent all types of damage.  By the same token, it will not protect from rock chips or other road hazards.  

You will need to wash your vehicle regularly, just not as often or with as much effort.  The coating does not prevent your car from getting dirty but it does make cleaning it easier. While you can wait longer between normal washes, chemical irritants such as bird droppings should be cleaned immediately.  Left long enough they may eat through the coating and damage your paint.

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