Hot Steam for a Deeper Clean 

Try as hard as you might to prevent it, life gets messy inside your car. You grab a quick lunch, and on your way back to the office, you slam on the brakes for a rude driver and your cheeseburger and French fries, ketchup and all, goes splat onto the floor and upholstery. You reach for a sip of cola and the plastic top pops off, sending sticky soda all over the console and cup holder. The bottom of the grocery bag tears and a bottle of grape juice spills all over the carpet, or your spouse was transporting your lawn mower to the repair shop and it leaked gasoline or oil all over the cargo hold carpet. Then there are kids and pets who bring their own unique and sometimes rather disgusting accidents to the scene.

Most stains are not only unsightly, but they leave behind bacteria that spreads and causes stale, even ghastly odors that linger inside your vehicle, especially if it is closed up in a hot and humid environment all day and night.

The only way to completely remove a stain and bacteria-causing odors from fabrics and carpeting is to remove the source of those stains and odors. 

Known as European Steam Clean, Auto Detailing HQ uses hot vapor, a chemical-free cleaning solution, and powerful extraction to remove the source of the stain, the odor, as well as the water, so it dries quickly to prevent mold or mildew. The result is fresh clean carpets and upholstery!

European Steam Clean safely scours your hard plastics like door panels and pockets, dashboard, console, cupholders, and even your HVAC vents. If you find your allergies acting up, suffer from sneezing or headaches when you are in your vehicle, it is probably because the outside area around your windshield is clogged with leaves, pine cones and straw, dirt, grass, sticks and other debris. This becomes a breeding ground for pollen, dust, and allergens that blow right into your vehicle when running your air conditioner or heater. 

European Steam Clean technology gets into those vents to steam away any germs, pollen, and allergens that may be causing problems.


Chemical-free Hot Vapor Whisks Away Dirt
& Scours Away Stains

When the new seems to be wearing off your new car interior, or even if your existing car has seen its share of spills and stains, Auto Detailing HQ can revive aging, stained, and worn fabrics and carpets to a level that always exceeds customer expectations! 

You might want to finish it off with a long-lasting, durable protective coating for fabrics, carpets, leather, trim, and glass.