Only About 12% of Car & Truck Owners Have Their Vehicles Routinely Detailed!

Protect Your Automotive Investment & Enjoy Luxury Driving For Years to Come.



Automotive detailing is the art and science of maintaining or restoring a vehicle to a “like new” level of clean on both the interior, as well as the exterior. The preference is always to begin that maintenance immediately. In fact, if Auto Detailing HQ’s certified automotive detailer and paint correction specialist Michael Dowdy had his way – every new car buyer would call him on their way home from the new car dealership!

The dealership probably washed, dusted and vacuumed the interior for you, but dealerships almost never have a trained automotive detailer on staff who knows what to look for in uneven paint, streaks, holograms, and potential oxidation.

Let’s clear up a few myths about Auto Detailing…

Detailing is just an expensive car wash

Don’t you believe it!

At the average car wash, you get a superficial rinse with a squirt of soap, followed by abrasive textiles that over time, leave fine, hairline scratches all over your vehicle. These scratches, streaks, smudges, and swirl marks build-up over time on your clear coat, dulling the ability for your brilliant car paint to shine through.

Even if you pay a little extra for a hand wash, non-certified wash technicians are not trained to first pre-rinse the vehicle to remove dirt and grit that act like an abrasive when they begin washing your car. Few car washes know to use a gentle ph-balanced foam shampoo and multiple clean towels and clean water.

For an extra $10, you might get someone to quick-vac your carpet, dust off your dashboard, wipe down your steering wheel, and spray some air freshener. These car washers are doing nothing more than displacing surface dirt rather than removing it. They are covering up odors for a couple of days rather than removing the stains and bacteria causing them. And chances are, those scuff marks on the door panels and console remain.

Auto Detailing HQ thoroughly cleans and reconditions your automobile inside and out. The goal is to revive, restore, maintain, and protect both the interior and exterior of your vehicle to as close as possible, showroom condition!


My car is old and has been neglected. Only a paint job will get it looking great again.

Have you ever priced a respray for your vehicle? Not only does repainting decrease the value of your vehicle, but it can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $6,000 depending on the vehicle. Before you drop that kind of money, let Auto Detailing HQ get you a FREE Paint Assessment!

Chances are, as a paint correction specialist, we can give you a price to correct the paint that is lower than a respray. And honestly, it will look just as good if not better than it did when it was new! Using a highly specialized technique known as multistage Paint Correction, Michael Dowdy removes environmental contaminants, fine scratches, and oxidation that builds up on your vehicle’s clear coat and dulls the paint’s original luster.


What about my car’s interior?

Using the most advanced car care products and innovative detailing techniques available, Auto Detailing HQ thoroughly cleans and restores aging interiors, so they look better than customer expectations!

Remember! Old cars and classics don’t win car show ribbons because they have been taken care of all those years. Most of the time, they have been restored by a professional detailer! (That’s the secret to a great looking classic).


My car is brand new! Why do I need a detailer?

The truth?

Car and truck manufacturers use robots to paint your vehicle, resulting in many flaws such as uneven paint and swirl marks that are exacerbated by a brutal journey to your car dealership. Before you take possession of the keys, your new vehicle has suffered from exposure to road and rail debris; has probably been sitting for long periods of time in storage near a waterfront or railway; and once it arrived at the dealership, it has been sitting out in the elements while being manhandled by freight haulers, service technicians, sales representatives, and numerous potential buyers.

Sure, the dealership gives it a superficial wash to get it outwardly clean, but it will not be thoroughly detailed, and there will be no inspection of the paint by a certified Paint Correction Specialist like our specialists at AutoDetailing HQ.


You paid for perfection in a new car…with Auto Detailing HQ, you get it!

In the process, we may recommend premium services such as Paint Correction to remove or conceal scratches and smudges also known as holograms; European steam cleaning to remove severe odor-causing stains; and recommend any number of protection products such as wax, sealants, dressings, and coatings to protect your paint, wheels, trim, and interior surfaces from environmental contaminants, fading, spills, and wear and tear.

Auto Detailing HQ will always explain these services thoroughly and advise you honestly.

Give us a call or email us. There is no obligation.